Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Toy Soldiers

My friend Rae introduced me to this awesome new band called Toy Soldiers, and all the members of the band are college students from Philly! From February through July of '09 Toy Solider, spent long hours making their first record. "Aside from being a completed piece, it was the reason we now have this big ol' band of people playing together and we must say we're more than happy and satisified with every moment of every song on the record." Their style is pretty indie/hipster/rocker chic and you can see their individual personalities reflected through their outfits, and of course their music. They have a really diverse sound, you can see for yourself here on their myspace. You would seriously be missing out if you don't check 'em out, they're definitely a band you'll be able to say you "knew them when..." If you live in Philly keep theyre eyes open for concerts and such...

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