Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Wedding Guest Dress

My husband, and I attended the wedding of an old friend of our’s over the weekend. This dress was so comfortable. I wore it all night, and into the very early morning. The only complaint I have with it is the tulle material makes zipping it up difficult. The zipper sometimes sticks on the waist line seam. However, I would still definitely recommend this dress especially if you are large chested. 

Important disclaimer if you decide want to purchase this dress. All of the reviews on the ASOS site say this dress runs very small, and recommend sizing up two whole sizes. I did that, and it was definitely too big almost everywhere aside from the bust. It worked out, however, because I was then able to take the dress to a seamstress, and have it fitted properly. So just a FYI before you buy!  

Also, I absolutely swear by this lipstick. I do not use any other red lipstick or liquid lipstick at this point. This literally stays on my lips all night,  and through eating dinner. Everyone there was asking what lipstick I was wearing. The only thing that stops people from buying it is the fact that it does not come with a lid. You have to purchase it separately. That said, while it is more on the expensive side you can see where your money is going. The lid of the case has a mirror that flips open when you take it off to apply it. It’s so convenient when reapplying on the go. I highly recommend it! 

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Lipstick: Guerlain bullet lipstick

Dress: ASOS

Shoes: Francesca’s

Purse: Givenchy