Tuesday, March 31, 2009

YES, I Love Factory!

I Love Factory, is an exquisitely hand sewn and embellished line by Laruel St. Romain and Christopher Garbushian. They are putting a twist on the lost art of millinery, and creating absolutely gorgeous hair accessories. I cant even begin to explain, I feel like a kid in a candy story browsing through their site :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Your Present

Kelly is her name and designing amzingly cute clothes is her game. Kelly graduated in from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BA in Apparel Design. Behind this adorable line is "Amber (sewOeno.etsy.com) who helps [her] sew, and [her] BF mark who helps [Kelly] pack orders (i pay him in pizza). You must check out her clothes here at Etsy!

Perfect Editorial

If Wheres Waldo went high fashion haha. Can you spot all the teddy bears in this Doutzen spread? photocred: fashionindie

Nasty Gal

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Colenimo A/W

So I have been meaning to devote a post to the Colenimo A/W designed by the amazing Aya Nakagawa. This collection was inspired by Mary Poppins, and executed BEAUTIFULLY might I add. Aya was nice enough to send over photos of the line, and I couldn't be more ecstatic! Enjoy everyone. www.colenimo.com


what: Spring/Summer 2009 - Merchandise at the sale has been reduced from the previous sale and will include some of Bensoni’s bestsellers marked down to 90% percent below retail!
when: Online: Wednesday, March 25th 12:00 PM (Noon)
Saturday, March 28th 12:00 PM (Noon)
where: online: http://www.thesavvy.comwhy/: Yeah, you know you can’t resist and neither can we - the exquisitely tailored and totally feminine blouses, skirts, dresses, jackets, coats and more...and back by popular demand, some of Bensoni’s bestsellers at rock-bottom prices!
as seen in: Elle, October 2008; Harper’s Bazaar, 2008; Vogue Japan, 2008;Teen Vogue, March 2008; Madame Figaro, 2008…to name a few.examples: Knee-length coat with belt– originally $428, at sale $100
thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for sticking with me. as you know this blog means so much to me and your support means the world. I CAN FINALLY POST! xoxoxo Sammy

Thursday, March 19, 2009


ok, so, long story short-i dropped my laptop and the hard drive fell out and my computer is currently being shipped out to Dell to be fixed. I am posting this from my school computer lab and i am going to get yelled out in a minute to get off. I am sooooo annoyed i wont be able to post until i get my computer back. :( thanks so much for your patients-please stick with me love you guys! so much! xx Sammy

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Must Haves

top left: Urban (Samantha Pleet): top right: Erin Wasson x RVCA Christian Skirt: bottom center: NastyGal Vintage

Outfit Shots

So i have been seriously slacking when it comes to taking outfit shots, I just havent had the time. There are so many thing i want to show you that my lack of outfit posts will deffinetely change. i promise one tomorrow. (maybe even a two in one post well see)
photocred: flick: defaced

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bona Drag

Bona Drag, how is it that you can read my mind and put together the most beautiful pieces all in one easy to navigate online shop? Well I don't know how you do it-but i am SOO GLADD you do. I mean come one exclusive SAMANTHA PLEET ROMPERS?!?! click here to visit the website! and don't buy all the rompers SAVE ONE FOR ME! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

TopShop Will Open...

...FOR REAL this time [according to the cut]. It's said to open April 2, in New York. However, don't expect a huge blow out for the opening. TopShop owner Phillip Green has decided to keep it "low-key" due to the current economy situation. Unfortunatly, as of right now Miss Moss wont be there, but PHILLIP WILL BE! Kate told Daily Mail she "hopefully will be coming over" AHH LETS HOPE SHE DOES! I just can't wait, and i'm sure you all feel the same. :)


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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Two Stars in the Family

Agyness Deyn's younger sister (Emily Deyn) has a clothing line. Emily Deyn and Aliyah Hussain met at Machester Metropolitan University in the UK. Nothing was off-limits from a silkscreen pattern to an art film to a wire sculpture. Their 1st t-shirt was a "silkscreen print of Queen Elizabeth superimposed with a photograph of sunglasses and a Marilyn Monroe grin." The shirts were debuted backstage at the Anne Sui show, a month ago. As you can imagine, Emily didn't have to look far for a model. Big sister Agyness was naturally the perfect choice in kicking off their t-shirt line with a bang. They are finally for sale, with profits going to the next Hussain Deyn project. buy them here photocred: Nylon


who: Lisa K Design what: Fabulous Jewelry- Prices ranging between $45 - $165 (Regularly retailing up to $445) when: Online: March 15th 12:00 PM EST (Noon) - March 18th 12:00 PM EST (Noon) where: online: www.TheSavvy.com why: Close your eyes and imagine for a moment – perfect earrings that dangle with stunning hand-crafted filigree and triple-strand gold necklaces laced with gemstones that sparkle from day into evening – ahhhhh...the world just got a lot better. celebrities: Teri Hatcher, Christina Applegate, Jessica Simpson, Aisha Tyler, Maria Menounos, Beth Ostrosky and Mischa Barton…amongst others. as seen in: WWD, June 2006; Destination Wedding, Summer, 2006; US Weekly, February 2006; Glamour, October 2004 …to name a few.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

LouLou Loves You

It's only a couple of weeks until Mothers day so why not treat her to a gift from Loulou Loves You.Order any pair of knickers between today and Wednesday the 11th of March and you will receive a FREE 'Loulou' black silk hair bow / brooch with uk delivery by the 20th of March. Head to louloulovesyou to shop now!

Mont Charles de Monaco

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kim Gordon of Mirror/Dash

You should all know by now that I have a weakness for UO collaborations! hah but seriously I do. When I opened up my email I was plesantly surprised to see that Kim Gordon was next in line. She is known for her creativity through music and visual arts. This line is sure to sell out quick so hurry up and head to your nearest UO! Urban Outfitters interview with Kim Gordon of Mirror/Dash

Monday, March 2, 2009

Quiksilver Does it ALL

I have just been notified that the women behind the Quiksilver women's collection now-ALL HAVE BLOGS! The QSW blog is everything Quiksilver women, you can now get your daily fix on your favorite collection, exclusive reports from photoshots and much more!
With the QSW blog everyone can become and insider!
The girls behind the blogs are have amazing style check them out here!
or their personal blogs:

Marlaina Stone

This gorgeous necklace is hand knotted Quartz, Freshwater Pearls, Geode, and Moonstones. The unique, antique looking clock clasp reminds you that fashion is always worth losing a little sleep over. With daylights saving just around the corner :(. Only the most confident, poised and sophisticated woman wear this Marlaina Stone creation. It reflects individuality of character both in its unique material and unusual structure. The Marlaina Stone artesian collection (http://www.marlainastone.com/) consists of one of a kind, unique necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, and rings. Each piece is made by hand, has a name, and a story.


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