Friday, December 24, 2010

Sarah Leora

Sarah Leora came out with her very own collection at age 17! She took a summer class at FIT and seeks inspiration from the beautiful and chic Audrey Hepburn. I don't know why I am just now discovering her collection, because frankly it's fits my style perfectly! Also, I must say that I admire Sarah for being so young and coming out with such a lovely collection, that is available for purchase! Sheesh, I am a year older than her! I need to get my act into gear! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ModCloth Wishlist

ModCloth is a online clothing, accessory, and decor shop that specializes in a vintage and retro aesthetic. I just spent an embarrassing amount of time gawking over the beautiful items featured on the site. This post consists of my favorite dresses for the season, a wishlist if you will. I am officially obsessed with ModCloth, and slowly but surely all these dresses will be mine! mwah ha ha ha... Under each photo is a direct link to the site. 

Te Chichi

I've been searching for the perfect winter coat for about a year now! This collection has about four of them, it's a shame they are so expensive. Nevertheless, Te Chichi is a Japanese based label that that I discovered while stumbling through various winter collections. The moment I saw the Te Chichi winter lookbook I knew I had to post about it. As the weather gets colder, it becomes harder and harder to avoid compromising style. However, this collection is chopped full of lovely garments that are perfect for those  brisk winter nights. 

pictures via Te Chichi website

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Little Fille

picture via Mari's Blog 

Mari Santos, is a freelance fashion writer and designer, who previously worked for TopShop as well as Urban Outfitters. Her handmade line, Little Fille,  is made up of elegant hairpieces that are sure to add that little extra something to any outfit. This line specializes in versatile headbands, that can be worn in more than one way, making each piece wearable for all occasions. Little Fille is a beautifully unique line that has officially become apart of my "must haves" list for the season. Click here to visit their website.  

old gold rope, detachable velvet bow

cream fun fur, cream cotton cord

light blue/silver rope, genuine freshwater pearls, crushed velvet detachable bow

cream cotton cord, chain embellishment, detachable velvet bow

black cotton cord, gold chain embellishment, velvet ribbon ties

plastic headband covered in satin hand sewn flowers

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm a Broken Porcelain Doll

Me, Kelly, Rhiannon: Oct. 29 2010 
forgot I had this picture 

AHHH it's finals week! I promise to write a real post this weekend to make up for the lack of one this week. Stay lovely!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Orla Kiely F/W 2010

campaign photo via

My love for Orla Kiely is far from a secret. The fall/winter 2010 collection reminds me of what a beautiful porcelain doll would be dressed in. The overly girly silhouettes are contrasted by the mature deep color palette.  I admire the designers flawless incorporation of velvet, without making the collection appear gaudy. That is not a simple task my friends. That mustard yellow dress is just perfect for the holidays isn't it? 

collection photos via Orla Kiely Facebook Fan Page

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Run Down

Coming to a Computer Near You

The time has finally arrived! Dear Creatures is launching an official web store. And you are the first to know about it!!! Now you can snag our new Fall 2010 collection online, as well as past seasons' styles in our sale section! Just go to From now until January 1st, Dear Creatures' is offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all orders! My holiday season just got a whole lot brighter.

Get Your Beauty Fix

Beautyfix by DermStore is launching a new gift giving feature which will simplify the stressful present giving process. The perfect gift for any beauty addict, Beautyfix is a service that provides women with hundreds of dollars worth of premier beauty and skin care products each season. Give the gift of luxury and indulgence to every makeup maven on your list.

The customizable kit is the ideal present for every person and price point. Because each kit is tailored to the specific individual and the products are ultimately selected by each Beautyfix user, it is a gift that everyone on your list is guaranteed to love, from girlfriends to co-workers to hard to please mother-in laws. Available for purchase by season, Beautyfix is a great stocking stuffer at $49.99 for one season or an even more elaborate gift when giving 2 or more seasons (buy 3 seasons for $149.97 and receive the fourth free).

Ellen Himic Designs 

Ellen Himic is definitely a fresh face in the industry, just launching her second season, she has already begun to develop an aesthetic that is completely unique and clearly associated with her personal style as both a designer and a brand. Heavily influenced by historic architecture, antique sculpture and symbolic objects, Himic's collection is incredibly detailed in a way that you don't normally see with today's jewelry. She is definitely bridging the gap between contemporary and fine jewelry, using a select mix of semi-precious and precious stones set in a variety of metals to complete her handcrafted works of art. Retail prices rang from just $70 to over $3,000 but don't shy away just yet be sure to take advantage of an exclusive A La Mode discount! Use the code "save20" through December 15th!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Star On The Rise

"Shut Out The Moon"

EXTRA, EXTRA, read all about it... we got a STAR on the rise! There is not a doubt in my mind that you will not only hear the name Leo Li again, but you will see his work on the runways. The 17 year-old designer from New Jersey is the definition of raw talent. After merely glancing at a few of his sketches my cynical self has never been so positive; this young designer is something special. He has that je ne sais quoi, no?  That quality, no matter how many classes you take, can not be taught. Leo Li's work is absolutely impeccable. Frankly, after learning he never once took a class relating to fashion, his collections become even more awe-aspiring. So, how does one go about articulating the intense passion and creativity of fresh talent?  You don't, you let it speak for its self... Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, the work of Leo Li! If you would like to contact Leo Li,  email him at!

"Shut Out The Moon"

"This collection is based off of Monsieur Adi’s remix of Spark’s 'Shut Out The Moon'. I thought of wolves when I saw the word 'moon', so incorporated fur into the look (if I had to make the fur coats, I’d use faux-fur, unless it’s requested to be real). I continued to link wolves to Native Americans, which I imagine to be warriors. That’s when I threw in the ridged fabric, because it looks badass, and warriors are badass. I think gladiators are warriors, so I thought strappy footwear would be appropriate. I hit a couple of trends spot on without realizing it; the strappy sandals, the coat, and the ridged effect. What I totally missed was the return of the kitten heel. I don’t like kitten heels, for the most part."

“Hedonism of the Upper Worlds”

"Inspired by Monsieur Adi’s remix of Overthrill’s “Upper Worlds feat. Miss Wonder” and Monsieur Adi’s own fantastic 'Hedonism'. The collection plays with the idea of luxury, pleasure and sexuality, using Roman and Greek inspired motifs clashed with a futuristic look. At one point, I thought, “if I was to be the costume designer for a remake of Caligula, how would I dress the cast?”. So, some looks are extremely risqué and tasteless. I was thinking about incorporating menswear too, since I don’t do too much of that, but I’d probably have them walk naked anyway."

“Place For Us”

"This is probably the first “collection” I designed. Based off Monsieur Adi’s remix of Reni Lane’s song. The remix is one of my all time favorites. With Reni Lane’s boyish voice, I knew I had to work with menswear. With the romantic feel of the song, I incorporated roses. The song also has a dark, melancholic feel. So, I looked towards vampires, specifically Count Dracula and his high collared coat. With the awesome guitar solo which reminds me of classic rock, I threw in leather pants and boots."

The Brodsky Boot 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To Be Adored Fall/Winter 2010

The pieces in TBA’s (To Be Adored) fall/winter 2010 collection blend smoothly into any peter-pan collar loving, whimsical dress wearing fashionista’s closet. Hence, my burning desire to own everything featured in this lookbook. The rich, warm, fall-inspired color pallet really sets the mood for the season, don’t you agree? Between the pom-pom tops, the ethereal velvet dresses with intricate collars, and the perfect coats for those brisk morning walks to class, I can’t decide which look I like best! I can see it now [insert ripple effect and dream-like music] my friends and I huddled around a fireplace, snowed in, drinking hot chocolate, whilst wearing that white long sleeved empire waisted dress. The best part is that could totally happen! TBA has started trading online, and some of the garments are available for purchase! Hear that mom… I mean my birthday is only 3 months away…

Click here to view the whole collection.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Run Down

Bonsui Autumn/Winter 2010
Bonsui’s Autumn 2010 collection indulges you in this season’s must have trends and gets your wardrobe ready for the season. From pretty dresses to separates, Bonsui have the perfect pieces for every Autumn occasion. View More

Jarlo Autumn/Winter 2010

Interview With Victoria Louise Geaney
One of the selected authors by the fIrst creative call of What’s More Alive than you whose shoes collection H.R.H. is right now realized. Read the interview here...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rachel Antonoff A/W 2010

Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? Especially when it is the theme of a particularly lovely designer’s lookbook for her A/W 2010 collection. Leave it to Rachel Antonoff to take something with a typically morbid connotation, and still make it appear to have an innocent and whimsical vibe. This collection might be one of my favorites of hers, with the vintage glasses, the cross between 20’s drop waist silhouettes, as well as high waisted slim fitting pants reminiscent of the 50s. Rachel Antonoff flawlessly incorporated various vintage aesthetics, with a modern twist, whilst still creating a cohesive collection. My hat goes off to you Rachel, I look forward your future collections.

Photos via Modern Glossy

Monday, October 11, 2010

"Where Trouble Melts Like Lemon Drops"

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2010 Couture Collection

Sifting through this editorial is rather upsetting, but not because the editorial itself was anywhere near disappointing. This is purely due to the fact, that for months now, I intended to base my first editorial shoot on a similar concept. However, if any magazine can execute my dream photo shoot flawlessly and to it's full potential, its W magazine. The styling for this shoot was done so impeccably, and is a true reflection of the art of fashion. The viewer is taken on a journey through beautiful images that evoke emotion and nostalgia manifested by the clothing worn in the editorial. This spread is absolutely inspirational and undoubtedly does justice to classic children's literature. So, I guess i'm not all that bitter about not jumping at the chance to illustrate my personal vision. You know what they say, "last one there's a rotten egg." or in Humpty Dumpty's case... a broken one.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2011 Collection/Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture Collection

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Fall 2010 Couture Collection/Valentino Fall 2010 Couture Collection

Armani Privé Fall 2010 Couture Collection/Worth Couture by Giovanni Bedin Fall 2010 Couture Collection

Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture Collection/Carolina Herrera Resort 2011 Collection

W Magazine October 2010 Issue Editorial: "Where Trouble Melts Like Lemon Drops" Photographer: Tim Walker Hair: Malcolm Edwards for D+V Makeup: Val Garland for Streeters London Stylist: Jacob K Model: Karlie Kloss (NEXT) Set design: Simon Costin for CLM