Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fox & Fluevog

Baroques Caravaggio

Once upon a time, John Fluevog and Peter Fox stumbled across an old warehouse. It was full of turn-of-the-century footwear available to buy at an extremely low price. The two looked at each other, and before you could say Manolo Blahnik they were out the door and opened up their own shop called Fox & Fluevog. John and Peter filled the shelves with the fifty-year-old mint condition shoes from the magical warehouse. Men & Women of all creeds immediately flocked to the store, and Fox & Fluevog became an instant success, and has continued to thrive. Around 1980 Peter Fox moved to New York to create his own store specializing solely on women's shoes (which happen to beextremely elegant.) John then took over the business and turned it into a multinational corporation, and formed a reputation for being "the worlds most distintive shoes".  Now it's my turn to walk a mile in their shoes... but I can't which ones?! I love them all!  

Gateway Sather

Memories Hi Treasury 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Concrete Polish

Quartz Ring in Silver/Gold

As a merchandizer for Chloe + Isabel jewelry I tend to stray away from posts about other jewelry lines. However, Concrete Polish is definitely an exception. Designer Angela Monaco's artistic routes stem from years of studying arts from printmaking to glassblowing. She found her calling in metalsmithing classes at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Then in 2009 Ms. Monaco launched her line, Concrete Polish, and guess what... she is located in my home town Philadelphia on historic Jewelers' Row. She turned her love of crystals into wearable art.  I have never seen jewelry quite like it. Her collection literally depicts raw and rugged beauty. Each piece transcends time, and will never go out of style.  Be sure to attend the Artstar Craft Bazaar (booth #98) this weekend to support Concrete Polish! The first 150 visitors will receive free tote bags! They will be there come rain or come shine, so don't miss out! RSVP to the event here!    

Rose Gold Quartz Necklace

Double Bar Ring with Sapphire

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day Tripper

Dear Creatures is a labor of love for designers Bianca Benitez and Rob Sinclair. The two share a passion for decades past which culminates in a classic foundation for their collections. They infuse traditional elements with a modern sensibility which sets Dear Creatures apart from the pack. Benitez and Sinclair have stayed true to their aesthetic over the years, and continue to produce fresh new looks time and time again. This season is no exception! The best part is the collection is available for purchase here. I can't wait to rock that granny-chic head scarf!

Logan Dress 

Sweet Caroline Dress