Thursday, October 1, 2009

The 80's are BACK

It started with the acid wash jeans, and hey, we all know fashion is about recycling trends from the past-so who am I to argue. Take for example Marc Jacobs fall 09 RTW collection which hits just about every 80's cliche, like, the obvious shoulder padded prom-dress and high waisted belted secretary look. Each of the models had hair and makeup that was clearly reminiscent of the 1980's, from crimps and teased mohawks to intense makeup. How about TopShop's Unique's 2009 show full of jumpsuits, denim pieces, shoulder padded jackets, high waisted pants, bandanas on their heads, and over sized sweaters. So there you have it, put your straighting irons away and sew back in those shoulder pads cause the rumors are true, the 80's are BACK. Can I be the first to say that, I spy a pattern here...last season was the 90's, this season 80's, who knows maybe someone pressed rewind on the fashion tapes-you might have to dust off those bell-bottom's come spring...photocred: top-Ben Perdue, fashion writer; Liane Somers, video director (image refinery29) middle-Marc Jacobs Fall 09 RTW (image, bottom-TopShop Unique's Show (image gossipcenter)


kimmy said...

heeey just wanted to see if you can leave comments without an account/i love all of ur posts all the time, and miss you so much.

jan said...

yeeehaaa :D
i love the 80s
good that ive still got that old clothes somewhere

Unknown said...

Always loved shoulder pads. Glad to know they're coming back.