Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Creatures

My current obsession with early the 1960’s has been dually noted, I’m sure, well at least my mom has given me that impression; I definitely talk about enough. Needless to say, upon hearing that Dear Creatures’ spring 2010 collection invokes inspiration from the 1964 French film entitled The Umbrellas of Cherbourg directed by Jacques Demy, I couldn’t wait to see the lookbook! Demy’s musical love story visualizes the beauty of emotion, and opens with a beautiful overhead shot of different colored umbrellas twirling in the rain. This lovely concept was perfectly translated into the collection. “Dear Creatures creates a mood of Parisian days and nights, while delivering visual optimism at its finest.Click here to view more of the collection.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Outfit Shot

This is officially my lucky dress and here's why... Thursday afternoon I was in an automobile accident. The car in front of my was waiting to make a left turn, and I was stopped behind it. The person behind me absentmindedly rear ended my car so hard that the impact forced my car into the one in front of me. Essentially, I guess you could say I was in the middle of a car sandwich. My car is totaled, but I walked away from the accident with just a bruised knee. I am really going to miss my grandma car. Now, the weirdest part about the whole thing was, my coffee that was sitting in the cup holder on my side got everywhere! I mean everywhere, it spilled all over the interior of my car, except on this dress! How weird is that!? Anyway, that's the story of the lucky dress, isn't it bizarre!?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Outfit Shot

peter pan collared shirt with tiny polka dots: UO
floral high waisted skirt: UO
shoes: vintage (belonged to my grandmother)
bag: vintage
flower: icing

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Run Down

Lucky Numbers 40-80…

Percent that is. Bona Drag is having a sale, and you can be sure that their merch is going to be disappearing fast. So click here to browse through the items, but hands of that jacket! I saw it first!

Just in Time for Spring…

Did you think I was going to say cleaning? I was going to say just in time for spring shopping! Hayden-Harnett announced the launch of a new online boutique! Check it out, it’s lovely.

In Other News…

Regarding Hayden-Harnett, designer Samantha House will be debuting her new jewelry collection called Billow, at Hayden-Harnett Nolita. Saturday April 17th from 1-6 p.m. located in New York on 253 Elizabeth Street, between Prince & Houston. Don’t miss out.

How To:

Get The Selby in Your Place. You all know The Selby, the amazing website and now book of Todd Selby photos of your dream apartments or homes. Well, fortunately for us Refinery29 posted step-by-step instructions on how to—yes, How to get Shot by the Selby, illustrated by the talented style director Piera. Click here to see the full image.

My Sugarland Presents...

An exclusive Personal Styling Evening with Celebrity Stylist Zoe Lem. The evening will be full of fantastic styling advice and pampering. Join Zoe Lem, shop owner and stylist to the stars, on Thursday the 22nd of April from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Places at this event are £15 per person and need to be booked in advance. Numbers are limited so book a spot soon! Don't miss out! To reserve a place, please email: info@mysugarland.co.uk

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Star Lighting

I find this spread lovely and entrancing. Each image can beautifully stand on its own, however, when placed together show the behind the scenes work that is done to create a star. Of course, I am a fan of the vintage-inspired aesthetic, but I wish they stuck to one decade for inspiration. Maybe it is just me, but half of the images look reminiscent of the 1960's while others look more 1940's. Well, whatever the era, that doesn't change that fact that this is a truly amazing editoral spread. Numéro #112 April 2010 Shot by: Luciana Val & Franco Musso Model: Rasa Zukauskaite Images via Fashioncopious

Friday, April 2, 2010

Outfit Shot

flower: Icing
dress: Green Street Consignment Shop
belt: Urban
socks: a gift
T-strap kitten heel shoes: Vintage (belonged to my Grandmother)
side note: I wish I remembered to take off that lavender hair tie around my wrist... haha oops