Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Run Down


Exquisitus-Natalie Rebuck

   Forget Craigslist everyone! Craig, I hate to break it to you but, searching through all your "lists" is a pain in the neck. That being said, I was recently introduced to a website called Betterfly, which lives up to its name as we. It is way better and you can fly right through the easy to use search engine. All you have to do it type in what you are looking for; from person shopper/stylist, to guitar teachers, to hair stylists, to nutritionists, to make-up artists, even SAT prep tutors... ok, you get the idea. Click the widget on the side or simply click here to find out more.                 

                                                      Lu Flux Summer Sale  
Pennines Dress/Fallow t-Bar Shoes
     Lu Flux's online boutique is now offering customers some of the best selling menswear and womenswear from their S/S Over The Hills and Far Away collection! Up to 25% off selected products



Info/Photo via FB

      Motilo is an inspired fashion edit  fused with collaborative shopping. Chat using video or text whilst building the perfect look. Browse over 1000's of designer items or, get  inspired by the looks created by the Motilo  community. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Natasha Wray

 London stylist, and fashion editor for the online fashion magazine Milk, Natasha Wray has been making a splash throughout the fashion industry. The photos featured in this post come from an editorial called "The Independent" I found in her personal portfolio. She definitely knows how to put an outfit together.