Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Think I'm In Love

Thank you Renee from (i wish i knew how to insert the link into the post) for introducing me to this FABULOUS Feathered Mini Dress by TwelevebyTweleve....why do they have to be out of smalls?!?!?

Gossip Girls

I love Gossip Girl as much as the next girl, but I mean come on Bjorn Unicorn Line, and Lorick, (the line on Gossip Girl that’s supposed to be designed by Blair Waldorf’s mother). The gossip girl cast is allegedly supposed to show up next Wednesday at Caravan in Soho, and so is fashionista contributor, Josh Madden.
Ok I really like the show, I admit it, it’s extremely addicting. BUT it’s almost scary how influential it is on its viewers. Wow, it sure lives up to its “teen phenomena” title.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The world of High Fashion…

Just when you thought printed summer dresses have been worn every way possible in comes this high-class prostitute with tattoos look. I totally love it, I’ve always wished (in my own little dream world) the High Fashion designs and could be worn as the ready-to-wear styles as well, instead of either or.
But back to reality, I'm just wondering how this one's going to translate down to the masses. Should I go buy some face paints?

Why does it work in Stockholm?

So this is yet just another reason as to why I wish I was European. Personally, I don’t particularly like this outfit, but the fact that when she wears it the first thing that I think is “What a cool idea!” and not “EW what the fuck is she wearing” is what confuses me? Why are European women NATURALLY more elegant and classy then American women?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Victoria, for Marc Jacobs…

Her recent ad for the Marc Jacobs Collection, which I personally thought was hilarious, don’t get me wrong I like her, but I mean come on, that ad was so funny!
Anyway, she continues the hotness (no pun intended) with Marc Jacobs’ new skin cancer t-shirts. I think its a great cause, and with big names like Marc, and Victoria i'm sure they will raise alot of money which is great! I just can't decide if i would actually wear this shirt other then for sleeping in.
Would you wear it?

[I don't know how to insert the link into the post without just pasting the link like this...heres a link to her ad before the cancer t-shirt... thanks to the oh to fantastic Bryan Boy]

Would you wear a corset?

When I hear the word corset, the first word that comes to mind isn’t usually Gaultier or Dior. Oh, but was I wrong Women’s Wear Daily profiles Mr. Pearl corset maker to Gaultier, Dior, and the fabulous Dita Von Teese. Mr. Pearl stated “To me, a corseted body, with the shape of the indentation at the waist, is beauty in extreme; it represents absolute femininity.”
I guess I agree, as long as it’s done correctly, I mean this trend requires some serious investing. Please spare us and don’t buy a corset from Victoria’s Secret, or H&M, and attempt to wear it as Street Style. That would be tragic, but I mean a fucking corset is not on the top of my list of things to buy.
The look can be head turning if don’t subtly and on the right occasion, but the corset made of cheap satin and lace worn in the wrong situation could be tragic.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Letter to Natalie Portman....

Dear Natalie,

It's not just me, even New York Magazine thinks your vegan shoe launch is a bit much.

On the other hand, if you get tired of that particular shoe, you could always chop it up and serve it as bunny food?

with love,


Do I Know You?

Facebook Top Friend:

Adjective/Noun; A cool, fun, or connected person inserted into someone’s Top friends, even if they’re not really friends with them
That time you met someone at a party, they friend request you that night, and instantly put you in their top friends even though you only met once!
And now I wonder WHY I’m in [his] Top Friends, since we don’t speak, we don’t text, we don’t even pretend to be in the same circles, and yet my face is on your page just below the girl you hooked up with last weekend, as if we’re all brunch buddies.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

College?! but I'm Tired

Struggling Student: I just fell asleep on my desk
Struggling Student: my head hurts
Concerned Friend: go to bed
Struggling Student: I have so much to read though
Concerned Friend: sparknotes is a dear friend of mine would you like to meet him?
Struggling Student: ha, college material?
Concerned Friend: he knows a hell of alot of college books, you should check him a non-gay sort of way
Concerned Friend: unless you swing that way which is TOTALLY cool by me!

Going Green? Oh please...

I’m so over the whole “fashion going eco-friendly” thing. Don’t get me wrong I like the environment as much as the next person but I mean come on how many of the people actually buying these eco-friendly bags are really environmentally conscious.
<-- kate spade

It's a rag, It's a sheet, no It's Sammy's Outfit

oversized top/jacket: urbanoutfitters

pin: vintage

tights: urban outfitters

oxford heels: payless

I think it's time to go to bed....

Mr. Capable: yo yos
Ab Fab: hey
Mr. Capable: ats goin on
Ab Fab: nothing just confused, its been what 3 years since i last saw you
Mr. Capable: haasa
Mr. Capable: siounds about right
Ab Fab: for all i know your fat, dont shower, and have facial hair
Mr. Capable: hah
Ab Fab: drunken IMs, hmm classy
Mr. Capable: nauh yes
Ab Fab: what?
Mr. Capable: yeah
Mr. Capable: uh thast probly why
Ab Fab: fair enough
Ab Fab: "drunken actions are sober thoughts"
Ab Fab: did you secretly want to talk to me but couldn’t sober
Mr. Capable: hahhaah mabye
Ab Fab: would you like to continue this conversation when you are capable of forming sentances
Mr. Capable: im squite
Mr. Capable: capacble
Mr. Capable: toooo capaceble

What a pleasant surprise....

I’ve always liked NYLON but never thought about subscribing. Anyway, this month’s NYLON came in the mail today. Before even bothering to look through it I was confused as to why it came in the first place, so I called my mom at work and asked if she subscribed for me, she said what’s NYLON. All that aside I started to flip through and quickly realized how much I actually liked the magazine! After reading all the articles start to finish I was curious how long the subscription was for…it’s for a whole year! How weird/awesome is this?! Maybe I have a secret admirer (ha); I would take a fashion magazine over flowers any day…

Grandpa Chic

scarf: Hermes
oversized cardigan: vintage (was my grandpa's)
socks: my brothers soccer socks
shoes: urbanoutfitters