Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Creatures Autumn 2011

Dear Creatures' autumn 2011 collection is called "(We) The Good Girls". The color pallet of this collection consists of a beautiful combination of dark-rich blues and greens, and soft hints of pale lavender and grey. The very structured, and somewhat masculine inspired garments are complimented with high waisted silhouettes, feminine textures, and subtle girly details (i.e. the hemline of the scallop shorts). Dear Creatures sure put out a lovely fall collection.  

Monday, October 17, 2011


It's official, ShopRuche, is my new favorite online boutique. The story about how the shop came about is absolutely endearing. Ruche was created and designed by newlyweds Mai and Josh Olivo in 2008. Mai was having a difficult time finding clothes that she liked. (I definitely know the feeling.) Anyway, she started to sell clothing and jewelry online that she loved! She then created ShopRuche, which started from their own home. Mind you, at this point Mai and Josh were still working their 8-5 jobs. So, they would ship packages during lunch, and answer emails during breaks. The day wasn't over yet though! As soon as Mai and Josh got home, they instantly went to work on Ruche, barley getting any sleep. (Sounds like my schedule here at college hah). They then took a leap of faith; Mai quit her job as a web developer and Josh quit his job in engineering management. "Leaving our budding careers in the corporate world was nerve racking, but it was the best decision we've made together, plus we could finally get some sleep!" Their story is so inspiring! It reminds me of an Eleanor Roosevelt quote, "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." 

Photography/Art Direction for Autumn Reflections: Stephanie Williams
Photography for Wanderlust: Brandon Kidd
Makeup/Hair: KC witkamp
Wardrobe Styling:  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jarlo London A/W 2011 Video Campaign

I received an email about this collection about a month ago, and I've been itching to post about it! I held off because I wanted to wait until the collection was available online. Jarlo's video campaign is absolutely adorable! Girly patterned dresses, peter pan collars, beautiful fall colors--what more could a girl ask for! The new collection is available here at

Greta Dress
Hayley Dress.............................Trixie Dress
Linda Coat
         Jane Dress................................Becca Dress
Edith Dress
Laura Dress..................................Emily Dress