Monday, May 22, 2023

Wide Leg Pants for Short Girls Like Me


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It is a total misconception that us short girls can't or shouldn't wear wide leg pants. As a just barely 5'2'' gal myself, I am here to tell you to get that thought out of your head. In fact, I think this silhouette can make you look taller.  A good wide leg trouser is an incredible easy way to elevate any outfit. My only advise is to mind your proportions. For example, because the bottom half of your outfit is wide you're going to want to style the pants with a more fitted top. This is because, as a shorter person wearing too many oversized pieces can make you look unfinished, and kind of like you're drowning in fabric. Another styling tip is go to monochromatic. In other words, pair your trousers with a top in the same color family. This will elongate you, and also just looks really classy when styled this way. 

I have almost exclusively been wearing wide leg pants for the past 3 years now, and it's no secret finding wide legs that aren't way too long is a struggle. However, over time I have discovered a good amount of places to order from that are short girl friendly! 


Viscose Relaxed Fit Tapered Pants 

These are actually one of my favorite pairs of pant in my closet right now. They are definitely made more for the cooler months, but I absolutely love them and always get a ton of compliments when I wear them. 

Nasty Gal 

Petite Pleated Wide Leg Tailored Pants

I have been a fan of Nasty Gal since they were just reselling thrifted pieces on ebay. If you go back into my blog's archive you can most definitely find a post or two about this company. This site always has a wide selection of really nice wide legs. 


A&F Sloane Tailored Pants

I know, my fellow millennials are having some seriously bad flash backs to popped collars, terrible lighting, and that overwhelming perfume you can smell before you even see the store at the mall. BUT let me tell you, the vibe is so different these days! I am honestly impressed with how they have turned it around post downfall. The great thing about these slacks is the come in short, regular, and long. 

Free People

Lotta Love Linen Trousers

These are perfect for spring/summer. The light weight linen material is very comfortable and breathable. While these aren't considered petite or short, but they just so happen to be the right length if you're on the shorter side.   


Houndstooth High Waist Belted Wide Leg Trousers

These are great year round. I wear them to work, and just out and about. I love the really high waist, and the fact that it comes with a belt. The material looks like it is going to be heavy, but it's not. They are very comfortable, and affordable. So if you are looking to buy your first pair of wide leg pants, but are not ready to commit to some of the higher price points go with these. 

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Friday, May 12, 2023

Brand Spotlight: Jessekae


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Brand spotlights were something I used to love posting on my blog back in the day. So, it was important to me to choose a really special brand to highlight now that I am back, and am out of blogger retirement. That said, the choice was pretty easy. Let me introduce you to my go to dress company Jessakae. Now, they don't only sell dresses Jessakae specializes in a variety of products such as top, skirts, sleepwear, and even a Mommy and Me collection. (Mother-daughter photoshoot coming soon...)

The aesthetic is very feminine, and whimsical.  I own three JessaKae dresses, and each of them make me feel like a modern day princess. That confident feeling doesn't just come from the beautiful prints and fabrics, these dresses are extremely flattering and look good on any body type. In fact, JessaKae prides themselves on their inclusive sizing ranging from XXS - 6X. 

While they predominately sell online they do have a storefront in Utah, which I would love to visit sometime! Another wonderful thing about JessaKae is they are constantly coming out with new collections! I swear every time I look at their Instagram they are promoting their latest drop. I don't know how they do it, but I love that they do! Check them out, and let me know what you think! 

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