Friday, September 4, 2009

Last ABC post

This is the last post about the ABC party i swear hah. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of these outfits and the lighting in my basement wasn't ideal. The 1st outfit was made out of newspaper, ripped table cloth (black and white), crumpled magazine paper, and i splattered ink all over the skirt. The top was made from a black trash bag, and to make the broach i repeatedly folded newspaper and tied it in the middle with a ribbon and glued it onto a few cards. The belt is quite obviously made from duck tape. To make this dress i glued individual "rose" petals from the dollar store onto a trash bag and sinched it at the waist with red ribbon for a belt. I used a white trash bag for the top and stuck my arms through the sides and rolled up the rest of the material. For this outfit i placed numerous goody bags on top of the yellow table cloth material, that was also used for the skirt. I gathered the skirt at the waist by putting duck tape behind the gathered material to hold it in place. I left most of the material form the table cloth and rolled in under the skirt to get the bubble effect. Hope you like them :) PICS: by me

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Carolyn in the City said...

Wow those are amazing! Almost as good as our bumble bee costume tutus lol.