Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Weekend

These are only some of the many pictures from the ABC party, i'll post the Woodstock ones tomorrow. I unfortunately don't have pictures of my personal two favorite (besides my own) outfits, a friend of mine took them for me because i was late to the party working on the other outfits. Overall, i would do this party again in a second! I was most inspired by just looking at the person and then taking a glance at the scattered materials on the floor of my basement or what i like to call "My Work Place". I can't wait to show you the other two outfits because in my opinion they looked the most wearable and less avaunt guard. I can't believe that the contestants on Project Runway thought this was hard, i could make at least 10 more. :D I might have to if i don't get the pictures. it was rainy and the ink bleed onto my skin hahah PICS: by me

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