Friday, February 13, 2009

Underlining Colours

OK, seriously, you guys need to check this out! Underlining Colours "is an art & design collection involving University of Arts London graduates. The site is a gallery, an online magazine and a blog catering to a wide international audience, who are interested in the arts, design and fashion. Every quarter Underlining Colours picks a muse-as a starting point for [their] issue. This is interpreted through a diverse range of media - photography, styling, graphics and text to discuss the issues surrounding the chosen theme." Basically, this is the most innovative collaboration of all that is fashion, art, and beauty. The people over at Underlining Colours are not only extremely talented but truly kind and passionate about what they do. I literally could spend hours on their site browsing through the stunning images, their work it unbelievable. CHECK IT OUT images: top left: Pok U Chan's illustration, top right: Nick's Tottie project, second image: Salina's illustration, third image: Nick's Power project