Tuesday, February 10, 2009

QSW Mercer

Quiksilver will be opening a concept store in Soho, called 'QSW Mercer.' It will open mid February and will be showcasing the Spring collection from the new women's line. Quicksilver's Women Collection, consists of everything between silk dresses, to denim, to organic tee's. The space in which the boutique is located sounds awesome! With a cozy, lounge feel; champagne and water will be proved to the customers as they shop. The collection will be displayed on large rolling racks. The displays, and packaging are as unique as this stores concept! To purchase the amazing outfits featured above AND MORE click here

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Flavia Flanders said...

I love Quicksilver, they have pretty cool pieces but i'm more a Rip Curl fan because there are more shops here in Argentina.