Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get Your Badass Look

Scott Fontana, is the owner and stylist of Badass Hair. He completely rocked out the models' hair for the Walter Fashion Show adding that final edge to the rock and roll looks. Sunday, February 15th 2009, Scott and his team styled the girls with using the Badass Hair Products. The look was a teased and tousled with a velvet wrap around ribbon accented with feathered hair piece. “I wanted the hair to reflect the clothes and the whole edgy attitude that makes the Walter collection so cool. The updo was messy while still being chic, lots of teasing, but still really feminine,” says Fontana. "To create the style, Fontana used Badass Hair products including “Up All Night” to create volume, “Free” (a working hair spray) to tease the hair, “Lock Up” hair spray to hold the hair in place, and “Light It Up” hair shine to give the style a gorgeous sheen!" photocred: photographer Tone, model Ubah Hasson