Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I know your probably like "Bloomers wtf are you 5 years old"

Anyway, I'm kinda short, ok im really short im 5'2'', so my dresses are short, i think it makes my legs look longer, (but i obviously wear colored tights so i dont look trashy). But since the weather is getting hotter, wool and or opaque tights arent as practical (not that i care but..) bloomers are a great alternative to wear under those short dresses, so you dont look like a slut.(that was kinda harsh, some girls can pull it off, depending on the dress and the girl.)

So would you wear bloomers? or do you think its the stupidest trend since the Faux Designer Bag?

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Carolyn in the City said...

i like them as shorts over a shirt, but not as much under a dress. but maybe some dresses would be ok. i would definitely get the black ones though over the white.