Friday, March 7, 2008

Flap or Not to Flap

I've been DYING to host a 1920's Murder Mystery party for ages, but theres a few problems:

1. None of my friends would get it
2. None of them would dress up
3. Even if the were to dress up, no one would know what to wear

anyone want to host a party full of 1920's gangsters, flappers, jazz, and ciggarettes? oh and invite me?


Anna Brody said...

i would so do it if i lived near you, and i have the clothes to!

K said...

murder mystery parties are the best! i didn't think any of my friends would get it either, but one of them hosted a western themed one last year and everyone got really into it. there is something much more glamourous about the 20s though!

Carolyn in the City said...

i'll host one in someone else's house...i wish!