Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why does it work in Stockholm?

So this is yet just another reason as to why I wish I was European. Personally, I don’t particularly like this outfit, but the fact that when she wears it the first thing that I think is “What a cool idea!” and not “EW what the fuck is she wearing” is what confuses me? Why are European women NATURALLY more elegant and classy then American women?


Anna Brody said...

because they know that everyone around them arent fat sweaty pigs, whose sole enjoyment in life is to haul huge ass to some amusement park and stuff their porky faces with grease-slathered foods and revolting excuses for cuisine (another thing which Europeans will always do infinitely better).
i could go into the whole old money class(europe) vs. new money gaudiness (america) but il save that for my Great Gatsby essay. which i should be writing now instead of looking at fabulous fashion blogs.
p.s. im american. and i hate it.

Sammy said...

i couldnt agree more