Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Victoria, for Marc Jacobs…

Her recent ad for the Marc Jacobs Collection, which I personally thought was hilarious, don’t get me wrong I like her, but I mean come on, that ad was so funny!
Anyway, she continues the hotness (no pun intended) with Marc Jacobs’ new skin cancer t-shirts. I think its a great cause, and with big names like Marc, and Victoria i'm sure they will raise alot of money which is great! I just can't decide if i would actually wear this shirt other then for sleeping in.
Would you wear it?

[I don't know how to insert the link into the post without just pasting the link like this...heres a link to her ad before the cancer t-shirt... thanks to the oh to fantastic Bryan Boy http://www.bryanboy.com/bryanboy_le_superstar_fab/2008/01/oh-no-marc-jaco.html]

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