Thursday, October 16, 2008


OH MY GOD, I am so sorry everyone for the lack of posting. Seriously, SAT's are taking over my life-and I just want these next three weeks to be over. Once they are done I promise to devote myself to making this blog the best it can be. I just need to do well on this fucking test so I can go to school and major in my passion-fashion hah not that I needed to remind you of that. I hope you all aren't loosing faith and or interest in me. Your comments are the highlight of my day, no lie and I truly appreciate those of you that read my blog. Fashion means the world to me and sharing it with all of you is just icing on top of the lovely decorated cake. I am not saying that I will not be posting in the next few weeks but there will definitely not be as many as i would like. I am so sorry . I love you all stay amazing love Sammy

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