Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ode to Andy Warhol

So you might all remember the 1920's murder mystery theme party I've been dieing to have. Well, i've come up with an even BETTER idea.....drum roll pleaseeeeeeee.......a vevelt undergroud-andy warhol inspired party!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for this, however i doubt it will happen again considering, no one i go to school with gets it. so instead ill just tell you guys my ideas. -i want this couch -at least 5 of these -scatter a few lip plates -some Marilyn Monroe ones here and there -at least 3 brillo boxes (uhg i have no idea where to buy them) -cover the tables in this -silver actual plates and forks of course -oh, cover a whole wall in tin foil -replace all the light bulbs with red ones -and everyone must be in mod clothing!!!!!!!!!!!! just an idea of course.....

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