Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Nightmare...Otherwise Known as Packing

Friday morning i'll be taking the train to DC to visit one of my best, best, best friends Anna. Now this means packing, and i fucking hate packing. i always think of every possiable scenario causing me to pack every article of clothing, shoes, and even different color eyeliners! This is a serious problem considering the following:
1. i'll have to carry my bags on the train
2. i intend to go shopping
3. not to mention i'll be bringing clothes to exchange for store credit and this awesome consignment shop (more on that later)
4. i've never met her parents and i dont want them to think, i think, that i'll be staying there for the next 3 months.

Since im a pro at the art of procrastination, i figure i should start thinking about what to pack now. maybe that might lessen my chances of shoving everything in sight into a suitcase last minute.

Did i mention anna is an amazing photographer, these are a few of my favorites!

heres the link to her flickr account, check it out!:


Anna Brody said...

sam i love you.
and im so excited for you come!
(and thank you for putting my pictures up my darling darling favorite girl)

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Those pictures are terrific. Packing is such a painful task.