Monday, February 4, 2008

Bubbles are SO unattractive...

Bubble Boy: (sarcastic tone) Sam i'm LOVING the outfits they just get better and better...(laughs to self but makes sure I hear)

Just Doing Me: There are times when i think you are genuine and others when your clearly not, which is it this time?

Bubble Boy: all im saying is your style little...different...

Just Doing Me: Oh my style? whats wrong with my style?

Bubble Boy: hah it's just different hah

Just Doing Me: Really? whats so bad about being different, personally i have no desire to dress like the other girls at school, which is besides the point. And one way I like to express myself is through clothes, and fankly weather you like them or not, I couldnt really give a shit.

Bubble Boy: I

Just Doing Me: So next time you have a rude or cynical comment about my clothes keep it to yourself because there is no use in voiceing your opinions to someone who wont even take them into consideration.

Bubble Boy: Whats cynical mean?.....

(ps the word "style" at my school is not considered a good thing, it is a term used to refer to someones (and by someone its more then likely me) clothing as "different" or "weird" but are socially allowed to say it to someones face)


Anonymous said...

Guys like that are just SO not interesting. Neither girls of course, they're even less I think.
Just dress the way you want to, at least it makes me feel good. I would feel so embarrassed in jeans and a tee, although no one would think I look wrong in those.

Sammy said...


K said...

good on ya for saying that to him! boys are stupid and really don't understand fashion. ok that was very general comment! some boys are good, and you will definately find lots that love your style. shame people can be such idiots about clothes sometimes!