Saturday, April 1, 2023

Skin Care Routine Breakdown

If you know me at all, you know I take my skincare seriously. Frankly, I’ve been using anti-aging skincare products since I was in my early twenties. My moto towards proper skincare has always been it’s easier to prevent than it is to correct. Now that I am officially in my 30’s, I am confident that all of my trial and error, money, and research I put into perfecting my skincare routine has paid off. 

I would describe my skin type as combination-normal but leaning towards sensitive. Therefore, the main products used in my routine would honestly work well for anyone! So I’ll stop blabbering. Here is what you’re really here for… this is a breakdown of my personal skincare routine and the order in which I apply it.  

Step One: Remove Make Up (optional step on no make up days)

Bioderma is hands down the best micellar water out there. It does not leave a weird residue, on the skin, like most other brand’s do. I take 3 aesthetician wipes and apply the bioderma to each side of the stack of wipes to get the most out of the product. I dampen 3 wipes to use one for each eye, and one for the face. 

Pro tip: Hold the wipe or pad on your eye for at least 30 seconds.  Allow the micellar water to emulsify the eye makeup before wiping away. Be gentle and do not rub the eye area! 

Step Two: Cleanse 

It has taken me a long time to find a cleanser that I like. I feel that a lot of cleansers out there are very drying, and don’t actually leave my skin feeling clean. However, the La Roche Posh cream cleanser does a wonderful job penetrating the pores to rid the skin of excess sebum, diet and oils. The cream consistency is also preferable because it doesn’t leave my skin feeling try afterwards. 

Step Three: Chemical Exfoliate 

This was my introduction to the brand Biologique Recherche, and I have never looked back. Well technically I was using a different version. I started with the original 1970 P50 lotion, but that is very strong, and honestly probably too harsh for most people. After a Biologique facial my aesthetician recommend the P50W. It is far more gentle on skin, but still leaves my skin feeling extremely soft and rejuvenated. 

Now what is so special about a chemical exfoliate? Unlike physical exfoliates, you are not damaging the epidermis layer of the skin. Instead P50 lotion is a gradual exfoliation that eliminates only the dead skin cells and impurities form the skin. It also helps to rebalance the skin's pH resulting in more even skintone and more resilient epidermis. The ingredients in P50W specifically minimize reactions associated with exfoliation. So this is completely safe for those with sensitive skin. 

Step Four: Eye Treatment 

It is important to treat the eye area with care. The skin around the eye and nasal folds around the mouth is 6 times thinner than the rest of the skin on your face. I have yet to find an eye cream or serum that I 100% standby but this is what I am currently using. I look for products with moisture enriching ingredients  to help maintain a healthy and youthful appearance under the eyes. I then use any excess product on the smile lines between the nostril and corner of the mouth. 

Step Five: Serums 

This step is used to treat specific problem areas. I use Dermapore by Biologique to treat my enlarged nose pores. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to reduce the appearance of pores. In my experience I believe this is the only one that actually works. I do not use this serum anywhere else on my face. 

Next I use Serum Amniotique VG and apply it to my cheeks and forehead. These areas of my face are more dehydrated and by adding in an additional moisturizing serum I am able to combat that. 

Step Six: Moisturize 

Last step is moisturizer. I use moisturizer last because it has the largest molecular compound, and will seal in all of the other products I just applied. Skincare products should be applied from lightest to heaviest. This allows each product to properly penetrate the pores, and do what they are supposed to do essentially. 

I love this moisturizer because it is simple and hydrating. It absorbs into myself nicely, and waking up in the morning my skin looks vibrant and healthy. 

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