Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Frevo: A Meal To Remember


Frevo is the most incredible restaurant you didn’t even know was there. Behind this beautiful art gallery in Greenwich Village you'll find the unique, Michelin Star restaurant. Step through the oversized painting to enter Frevo’s exclusive 16-seat chef’s counter.  

This dinner was unlike any other dining experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been to my fair share of fine dining, and Michelin star restaurants but, Frevo was next level.  The menu is pre-determined with the exception of your choice of some add ons which, of course, we indulged in. There was also a wine pairing option, but honestly I wanted to make sure I had room in my stomach. I was there for the food! 

 First Course: Shima-Aji, Shiso, and Trout Roe

Wow. Where do I even begin with this first course.  Roe is my favorite type of caviar, so I already knew this one was going to be a hit. We were told to eat it in one bite, but I honestly wish I ate it in two just to make it last longer. The flavors were incredible. The savory from the fish, and salty from the roe melted perfectly together; Along with that crunch I could have eaten 10 more of these. 

Second Course: Artichoke, Shitake, Truffle, Hokkaido Sea Urchin

The second course had the option to add on the Sea Urchin. My husband and I feel very strongly about Sea Urchin. Basically, if it is on the menu, GET IT! It is a hard ingredient to find, and very rare to see on a menu. The crunch of the truffle paired so well with the creamy consistency of the Sea Urchin. When we were done, my mom turned to me and said, "I understand now why you feel so strongly about Sea Urchin." Needless, to say this was incredible, and so full of flavor wow. 

Third Course: Broccoli, Orange, Blue Crab

This dish may look simple but it is far from it. The whipped blue crab melts in your mouth with a punch of flavor, and was unlike any blue crab dish I have ever tasted. 

Fourth Course: Naan, Tofu, Shabazi

So I am going to struggle with my words describing this dish. The spread you see in the picture was made from tofu, but you absolutely would never know. The texture was rich and creamy, and had a light almost cheese like flavor. I wish I could recreate this spread, but I am fairly certain they used magic on this one. 

Fifth Course: Amberjack, Jalapeno, Curry Leaves, Almond

The firth course was almost too pretty to eat, but once I started I couldn't stop. The amberjack, which is similar to yellowtail, sashimi on top of this refreshing gazpacho was unreal. (BTW they definitely didn't refer to this as a gazpacho, but I'm not sure what else to equate it to. However, what I know for sure is, it was delicious!)  The crispy jalape├▒os were a perfect finishing touch. 

Sixth Course: White Asparagus, Cashew, Caviar, White Asparagus Ice Cream

 We had the option to add on the asparagus ice cream and caviar, and of course we said yes. Who says no to caviar? Little did I know, this add on would feature one of the most unique flavors I have ever tried. The white asparagus was of course delicious, but the stand out was the asparagus ice cream with caviar.  I would have never thought to pair caviar with ice cream, let alone asparagus ice cream, but it was absolute perfection. 

Seventh Course: Madai, Shimeji, Yuzu Kosho

The star of the seventh course was the Madai. It holds high culinary and culture importance in Japan. Again, another ingredient you don't see just anywhere.  It absolutely melts in your mouth. 

Eighth Course: Lamb, Ras el Hanout, Perilla, Morels

What you don't see in this picture is actually my personal favorite part of this course, the Morels. Morel mushrooms are unique in shape and kind of resemble a honeycomb. They complemented the lamb so well. 

Ninth Course: 36-Month Comte Cheese, Honey, Truffle

Calling all cheese lovers, this one is for you. This pre-desert pretty much speaks for itself, aged cheese honey, and truffle I mean what would be bad?

Tenth Course: Chocolate, Wasabi, Porcini

It is no secret that my sweet tooth is second to none, and trust me this desert did not disappoint. The wasabi made this chocolate dish to special, and unlike any chocolate mousse i've ever tried. 

Surprise Eleventh Course!

That brings us to this last surprise. It was presented so beautifully in a Russian Nesting Doll-like contraption. It was the perfect bite. 

This meal was nothing short of spectacular, and I enjoyed every minute of it. If you are even mildly toying with making a reservation, DO IT! But hurry because they book up fast!

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