Monday, April 18, 2011

Sägen Jewelry

Why, oh why, do I not not live in London!? I was invited to attend Sägen Jewelry's viewing of the latest collection called "Dining with Grandma" whilst enjoying afternoon tea at Soho's famous Secret Tea Room. I wish I could have seen this beautiful collection in person! Sägen Jewelry is the most innovative jewelry collection I have seen in a while. All the jewelry is created from discarded china and porcelain! The idea came to the young Swedish designer, Elin, when she was on vacation in Gotland. Her father's garage is full of machines she has been playing with as a child. She learned how to grind stones during the day, and one evening a pile of porcelain from a local flee market was left next to a grinding machine. I think i'll leave the ending to the story to the enchanting photos of this lovely collection. 

Photo via Sägen Jewelry

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