Sunday, February 6, 2011

Outfit Shot

I was going to take an outfit shot today, but unfortunately my good old cannon point and shoot (emphasis on the old) finally kicked the bucket. I'm going to ask one of my talented photographer friends to do a photo shoot this weekend perhaps. The pictures will, undoubtably, turn out better anyway. Until then, here is a photo that I took sometime last summer. I don't find this outfit to be all that special frankly, which is probably why I didn't post it in the first place. However, it sure does make me miss the sun. Like I said, hopefully this weekend I will have more interesting and put together outfits so show you. For example the one I wore on my birthday this past monday! Thats right I am 19 now! It's officially my last year as a teenager. So far it has been full of exciting opportunities that I look forward to sharing with you. Anyway, back to homework land as my friends and I like to refer to it as. Oh, speaking of homework, I apologize to all that have contacted me within the past week or so for my delayed responses, it was mid-terms week. I assure you that I will get back to you as soon as I can. Having a blog and going to college is like walking on a tight rope, but hey i've got pretty good balance. No need to send in the clowns, I can out juggle all of 'em!

Photo taken by yours truly

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