Monday, February 21, 2011

Colenimo S/S 2011 Lookbook

A picture is worth a thousand words... or is it a thousand stitches? This photograph, taken in 1928 by famous Vogue fashion photographer Edward Stelchen, was the inspiration for Aya Nakagawa's, designer of Colemino, Spring/Summer 2011 collection. While the hand-stitched adornment, vintage fabrics, and muted color pallet, make this collection truly reminiscent of the late 1920's, each garment remains timeless. 

Photographer: Jenny&Lee
Make-up Artist: Natsumi Watanabe
Hair Artist: Maki Tanaka


Gigi said...

wait slam... this might be my fav post by far! everything is beautiful, love the inspiration photo. woww!

Eranda Janku said...

My inspiration as well ! :)

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moonui.. said...

new reader--

i love the white hats..<3