Sunday, September 5, 2010

"You so 2000 and Late"

Vogue November 1949

There is so much more to fashion than what meets the eye. You might call that statement ironic or even a contradiction but I call it a fact. Before writing this post I wish I asked various people on the street what word or phrase comes to mind when hearing the word fashion, so I could have an actual statistic. Nevertheless, the foreseeable response by most would be something along the lines of fashion being a superficial industry. To a certain extent I can't blame them because, when put plane and simply, fashion is a visual and external form of expression; however, it truly goes beyond that initial reaction. Over the years, fashion has served as a reflection of the cultural movement specific to a certain decade in history. Fashion is a portal into a different time because it encompasses so much of what daily life was like then. My point is, I guess, I wonder if years from now someone my age will want that vintage “00’s” look. Fashion is cyclical, that's for sure. I just hope that dosen't apply to Ugg boots. 

Wenda Rogerson, Vogue, 1951
 From: "Norman Parkinson: Portraits in Fashion"

Vogue January 1952

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