Sunday, September 12, 2010

Couture Fashion Week/Fashion Night Out

This weekend was so much fun! I attended the Amal Sarieddine, Romanitza, and Sushma Patelple, fashion shows during Couture Fashion Week as well as Fashion Night Out. I met amazing people and saw a few familiar faces, including one of my favorite designers Melissa Cooker. I look forward to attending more fashion shows this year and doing full reviews on them, but for now here are a few snap shots from my weekend in New York.


Sushma Patel with Caroline from Real Housewives NJ

Sushma Patel

Press after the fashion shows

My friends and I hanging out during Fashion Night Out

Melissa Coker Designer for Wren

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kate maggie said...

Im so so jealous! you look so pretty though and I love all of the pictures! Hope you have a great week lady. x