Monday, November 23, 2009

Man, I'm Almost in College

ok, so basically College Applications have taken over my life for the time being, and i can not post as frequently as i would like (as you can most likely tell). PLEASE stick with me, my goal is to be done with these applications in the next week or something but i will still post during that time. Just giving your guys a heads up. I LOVE MY BLOG AND I LOVE YOU GUYS and thanks for understanding and not bailing on me :) <3 Sammy OH MOST IMPORTANTLY! i need to put together a hard copy of my blog, its only going to be about 10 posts or so... i'm going to send it along with my college applications. if you guys could comment on or email me or contact me somehow and tell me which posts of mine are your favorites? you have no idea how much i would appreciate it!!!!

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