Monday, August 10, 2009


L.A. label Wren, took the liberty of mixing all of my quirky fashion tendencies and combinding them into one adorable line for this fall. That beautiful vintage looking lace dress with electric blue tights, Don't even get me started on how hard I've been looking for saddle shoes. Once I find them (fingers crossed) I plan on pairing them with nerdy-grandma inspired threads. Like those amazing hats and to cute for words glasses. There's nothing I like more then wearing clothes my friends would describe as gaudy or out-dated and making them modern and cool. Which is precisely what Wren did! photocred: Pipeline


Anonymous said...

neo granny, brogues and knee socks =love.

Leah said...

So so cute. I would wear all these outfits in a heartbeat!

sarah said...

Would you like to follow my blog because I will follow your blog if you follow mine

Amy said...

Oh I love this, it's librarian meets preppy school girl meets chich Parisian. Absolutely gorgeous, and so wearable as well! Great find!

Amy xo