Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ABC Party

My friend Lily is having an ABC theme party for her birthday. ABC stands for anything but clothes, meaning anything but fabric. And as you guys know i am obsessed with theme party's and fashion (duh ahah) so i'm in heaven. Basically, i am EXPLODING with ideas for this party you have no idea. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so any excuse to dress up-ill go all out. I wanna make legit at the very least 10 outfits (at the very very least). I went to the dollar store and went CRAZY! I was buying so much stuff and random stuff at that the cashier probably thought i was so weird haah. So, i asked my friends if i could just make their outfits for them. They were like are you sure you don't mind? Mind? are you kidding i wasn't going to let you make them anyway! hah AND i got even more idea's and more inspired just listening to what they had in mind for their outfits. Lily's sister Ariana, took some pictures so this is just day one. The party is on Friday though so-i am not sleeping these next few days haha. photocred: Ariana she is actually going to be starting a photo blog soon ill post more about it when she does