Monday, June 1, 2009

Jessica Harris Fashion

Jessica Harris is an American Fashion Designer based in Rome Italy. Her designs are intended for fashion loving girls with fun loving spirts. "Jessica's collections reference art imagery, antique objects, vintage clothing, pop culture, irony, and her general tendency towards day dreaming within her romantic Italian surroundings" resulting in the absolute perfect collection. Her "Alta Moda" or high fashion training from Rome's ‘Accademia Koefia di Alta Moda e Costume’ can be clearly depicted throughout her clothing with her eye for innovation, and attention to the most intricate detail leaving us with an outfit of utmost quality. I mean, all of her garments are handmade with fabrics from Italian Mills. All of her pieces are utterly beautiful and you can find something to wear for any occasion, and still remain the coolest person in the room. Wait it gets better, I would like to kindly quote a description of her store," '38 Leopardo' fashion boutique was opened by Jessica Harris in Rome's Trastevere neighborhood in March of 2006. The shop's interior is meant to be a large-scale dollhouse where playing dress-up brings the collections to life." Um, I would like a ticket to Rome, Italy please.

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l'actrice said...

So sexy! Rome is the best!