Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Your Typical Leggings

Don't get me wrong I love reading the Pipline, it's a daily ritual of mine. However, amids my usual routine i came across this post. It goes on and on about these cut out leggings by Black Milk, and I started laughing to myself. I was extremely amused at this point and naturally clicked the link to see how much this so called "new look" for leggings, according to Pipline, was going for...50 dollars? really? The reason why I found this post about Black Milk so funny, was because about hmm I'd say about a month and a half ago at least I made these. And by these i mean the leggings. Now I didn't sew the leggings myself or anything but I bought plain black ones for about 12.99 and cut them myself. I have been meaning to post a picture of them but have been seriously slacking in taking pictures of my outfits. Now I know I should hurry up and post my pictures before someone else says they thought of it first. ;) Moral of my story, I highly suggest you do the same and buy cheap ones and cut them yourself, rather than spend 50 bucks.


Becky said...

Super cute leggings. And you are right - no need to spend $50 on them. At all. They would also look great in a color - like teal or red.

Anna Brody said...

you always did get there first