Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ariel Alexis DeDomenico

My dear friend, Ariel (below left, and her friend Emily right) created a awesomeeeee outfit that was to cool NOT to post. She designed the outfit at a college called West Chester Community College. Ariels assignment was to make an outfit entirely of recycable materials, "Going Green" in a high fashion way. "the top is made out of duck tape; my friend had a tank top on so i just duck taped the hole thing and tucked her strapes in; the belt is made out of a garbage bage; and in the back which you cant see theres a huge bow; and the skirt is made out of newspaper which i glued to the garbage bag belt then wrapped it around her waist;and the bow is made out of some kind of wax paper (the white part) and the inside of a cheese it bag (silver part) and the middle is duck tape" To be quite honest, this dress is far better than the project runway episode with the same challenge. GREAT JOB ARIEL! looks awesome! model: Christina Berardi

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