Monday, December 22, 2008

Katy Perry the...Designer?

Apparently Katy Perry wants to design clothes. As you all know, I am NOT a fan of the celebrity turns in to a brand thing-but I think Katy Perry's line could actually by kinda good! "I've always experimented with clothes and have my own style inspired by pin-up girls and Lolita" she told British magazine Fabulous. She has an awesome style to begin with so given the chance to design, im sure she could come up with some cool ideas. photo cred: flickr


TheMinx said...

I like Katy Perry too, but almost all celeb designers (not including Gwen) are so...weak. We shall see :)

Girl Next Blog said...

I am looking for the perfect fur coat too!
I hope we'll be lucky and we'll find it :)