Friday, August 20, 2010


Colenimo designer, Aya Nakagawa, doesn't just create a beautiful collection after a beautiful collection. Each of her lines tend to epitomize the aesthetic I aim for each season. Inspired by the 1930's actress, singer, and dancer, most recognized for her role in the musical 42nd street, Ruby Keeler, Aya Nakagawa undoubtedly produced a breath taking Autumn/Winter collection called "A Quarter to Nine". The meticulously constructed garments, which include tailored overcoats, cardigans, knitted leggings and caped dresses, incorporate traditional luxurious materials including vintage Italian suiting fabric, Shetland wool, cashmere angora and hand crocheting. There is a vintage and elegant feel to this collection and lets be honest, class never goes out of style.
Single Busby Cardigan & Patchwork Flare Skirt
Front Bib Dress Coat
Ruby's Blouse / Ruby's Dress
Ruby's Dress
Crochet A-Line Overcoat, Ruby's Single Cardigan & Knitted Leggings
Double Breasted Jacket & Knitted Leggings / Double Long Busby Cardigan & Sailor Trousers
Photographer: Mitsuaki Murata
Make-up Artist: Natsumi Watanabe
Hair Artist: Maki Tanaka


kate maggie said...

Everything is perfect in all of these photos. I love that mustard top in the first picture. Thanks for sharing these. x

Ornela harris said...

I love the Double Breasted Jacket <3