Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ruby Boutique

I saw a photo of this navy poka-doted dress while browsing the web, instantly feel in love with it, and furthermore needed to find the collection it belonged to. I was excited to see other beautiful garments might coincide, with this dress, within this mystery collection. I soon realized it was Madame Hawke, an in house designed collected, found at the Ruby Boutique. I have posted about Ruby Boutique before, which is home to the lables Ruby and Madame Hawke. Like the dress above, the two looks featured directly below, are apart of the Ruby label; Whereas, the last four looks are apart of the Madame Hawke label. Not all of the pieces in these collections fit my personal style, however, there are a few looks I want to add to my closet... especially from the fall/winter collections, but thats for another post.

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Aimee Leong said...

i love this!