Friday, May 14, 2010

Jessie and Buddug - The Shop

“A little bit of the Welsh Countryside in the City.” Jessie Chorley and best friend Buddugwyn Humphreys own their very own studio/shop, tucked away amongst the flowers on 146 COLUMBIA RD LONDON E2 7RG, upstairs above “Marcos and Trump”. Their shop, both in stores and online, is full of unique and lovely decorative objects and jewelry. Jessie said that she creates her collections, “using Papier machér from pages of books combined with stitching and embroidery of old fabric. [. . . ] My current pieces are very much textile based, incorporating small found objects and pieces of worn jewelry, they are simple illustrations, embroidered directly in to the fabric or paper using only hand embroidery”. You know how exciting it is when you discover that buried treasure in thrift/vintage store? Yeah, well Jessie Chorely & Buddug’s The Shop is a whole store full of those special finds you only are lucky enough to stumble upon every so often. In addition to their online store, you can also follow their blog here.

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