Sunday, March 8, 2009

Two Stars in the Family

Agyness Deyn's younger sister (Emily Deyn) has a clothing line. Emily Deyn and Aliyah Hussain met at Machester Metropolitan University in the UK. Nothing was off-limits from a silkscreen pattern to an art film to a wire sculpture. Their 1st t-shirt was a "silkscreen print of Queen Elizabeth superimposed with a photograph of sunglasses and a Marilyn Monroe grin." The shirts were debuted backstage at the Anne Sui show, a month ago. As you can imagine, Emily didn't have to look far for a model. Big sister Agyness was naturally the perfect choice in kicking off their t-shirt line with a bang. They are finally for sale, with profits going to the next Hussain Deyn project. buy them here photocred: Nylon

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Flavia Flanders said...

That is so dope!.. fashion is in deyn's blood..