Monday, September 15, 2008

A few days ago, a girl walked into forever21. She had the cutest vintage, tan leather, very structured, bag and I had to compliment it. She was very appreciative and told me where she got it. "" she said, I've never heard of it-she then went on to describe how it was a website where people could buy and sell vintage and and crafted items. When i got home from work, the first thing I did was power up my internet and go on the website-LOVE AT FIRST CLICK! you all must check this website out its very similar to ebay, and who doesnt love ebay?! they even have these leather granny booties IN MY SIZE! no one every carries a size 5!!!!! <- go to it right now! hah


Unknown said...

that site is awesome !!!

freya said...

well, now i think im gonna spend a few hours browsing through that site... some things are just awesome

i like your shoes, they're kinda different from all that boots you can buy in a typical store.

Unknown said...

Etsy is amazing! You'll find everything there at every price point. And, they are items you'll never find at a mall. Would love it it you checked out my Etsy shop!

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